Why Should I Test My Water?

Testing your water is the first step in evaluating the quality of your water. Only after a proper water quality evaluation will you be able to determine the following:

1.       Is my water safe to drink?

2.       Will my water ruin my plumbing and appliances?

3.       Does my water meet the requirements for a specific process/commercial application?

4.       Do I need to treat my water?

5.       What kind of water treatment or filtration do I need?

What should I test for?

The list of things you can test for is a list with no end. You can easily spend thousands of dollars testing your water. The following tests, however, will give you a good baseline and after being reviewed by a qualified Water Specialist will give you an idea if you need further testing done:

1.       General Chemistry Test: Typically performed by an independent laboratory. This test will check for a standard set of physical and chemical parameters. These parameters are then analyzed and flagged if they exceed the MAC (Maximum Acceptable Concentration) as outlined by your local drinking water guidelines.

2.       Bacteria: This test usually involves testing for Coliform, Ecoli, and sometimes Heterotrophic Bacteria. This is an important test to have conducted regularly if your source of water is a well, has tested positive in the past for Coliform or Ecoli, or if you suspect bacterial contamination. Be sure to follow proper sampling instructions when drawing your water sample or hire a qualified technician to do this for you.

3.       Simple Onsite Water analysis: These types of tests are designed to identify a narrow list of common water problems and may include, but are not limited to the following items:

·         Total Hardness

·         Iron

·         Manganese

·         pH

·         TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)

·         Arsenic

·         Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S)

·         Nitrates

·         Nitrites

·         Copper



How often should I test my Water?

                If your water source is a private well, it is recommended that you conduct a yearly microbiological water test. This test should be done in the spring when water levels are at their highest. This is the time of year that you are most likely to have bacteria present due to surface water contamination.

                A general chemistry test should be done when you drill a new well, buy a new home or if you suspect your water has changed. Water chemistry can change over time and can be affected by the following:

·         New wells being drilled in your neighborhood

·         Change in water table

·         Construction and blasting

·         Fracking for natural gas

·         Environmental contamination

·         Movement or impact to the well casing


Where can I get my water tested?

You should be able to find an accredited laboratory in your area. Contact them and discuss what tests you would like to have done and arrange to pick up the appropriate sample bottles for your testing. Make sure you also obtain the specific directions on how to sample, store and transport the samples to the laboratory. Not following the instructions could result in false test results.

You may also have the option to hire a local company who can send a local water quality technician to your home or business to collect the sample and deliver it to the laboratory.

National Water Solutions offers a basic onsite water analysis at no charge within 150 km of Fredericton NB and can arrange for additional sampling for more detailed analysis at a reasonable fee. We work with certified laboratories and are trained to sample water properly, ensuring accurate results.

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How much is a water test?

Pricing varies depending on what tests need to be done. The Basic Onsite Water Analysis is FREE. Bacteria tests will cost between $60-$80, and a detailed general chemistry test can cost $120.00 or more.

National Water Solutions uses state of the art, digital testing equipment from Hach that is designed to provide extremely accurate results you can rely on. We bring the laboratory to you. Results are instant and we leave you with a water quality report the same day! Does your water need fixed? We can help with that too. Along with your report, you will have a consultation. Before we leave, you will understand what all of those results really mean and what your water needs to be fixed if we find a problem. We make it that simple.