Why UV Pretreatment is Necessary

Why UV Pretreatment is Necessary

Your driving down the road. It’s a sunny day and you find yourself squinting, your body’s natural inclination to try to block some of the sun’s rays. But this doesn’t last for long as you reach for your Ray Ban sunglasses that are conveniently stored in the built in sunglass holder above your head. As soon as you put them on you experience the relief that comes from the sunglasses ability to block most of the sun’s rays.

Like wearing sunglasses on a sunny day, a fouled UV sleeve can also serve as a UV blocker inside your UV system. Many who install UV systems to protect themselves from water born bacteria, cysts and virus’ fail to heed the manufacturers specs for minimum acceptable water quality. The results? A coating of iron, manganese, and/or hardness on the internal UV sleeve which makes your investment practically useless.

Without the transmittance of the required UV intensity to the water supply, your system will not be able to protect you from the contaminants it was intended to. Make sure you have a qualified company check your UV system regularly to make sure it is in good working order.

All UV service calls should include the following:

·         UV Sleeve inspection for build up of contaminants

·         UV bulb replacement if needed

·         Free water test for scale causing contaminants

Are you concerned this may be happening to your UV system? Contact National Water today. We can send a technician out to inspect your system to make sure it is working properly.

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