Find the Best Water Treatment Companies in Fredericton NB

Are you looking for the best water treatment company in Fredericton NB? Here are some things to look for when choosing a water treatment company to fix your water:

1. Trained Professionals - Look for companies who have been professionally trained. The WQA (Water Quality Association) "serves as an educator of water treatment professionals, certifier of water treatment products, public information resource and voice of the water quality improvement industry." Make sure the company you deal with has been professionally trained by an accredited organization.

2. Service - Many companies carry good products that are certified and are of high quality. But what if it breaks down? Do they have the infrastructure to make sure you get the service you need? Ask them if they have on staff service technicians. What are their names? Are they on the companies payroll or do they sub their service out to sub contractors? What is their response time to service related issues? What is there service policy? Do they warranty their service work?

3. Onsite water testing and consulting - Choosing the right water treatment equipment involves more than comparing the specs of similar products. To properly recommend the right water filter, water softener or other well water treatment equipment, an onsite water test and installation site check must be done.

4. Reputation - Do not hesitate to ask for referrals and permission to call them. A good water treatment company will have plenty of satisfied customers who will not mind a call every now and then.

5. Specialization - Look for companies that specialize in water treatment. It's not uncommon for companies to diversify in our changing market, but make sure that their focus is on water treatment. With new technologies emerging and changing water treatment methods, choose a company that keeps on top of the new changes. Look for companies that attend the yearly WQA conferences and who surround themselves with industry professionals.

6. Written Guarantee - Get it in writing. A handshake is a nice gesture, but these days a handshake doesn’t hold up in court. Make sure you get a guarantee on the finished product, the water quality. Your purchase is not just a piece of equipment; you are purchasing a solution to a problem. The best water treatment companies in the industry will make specific water quality guarantees and they will put it in writing.

Purchasing a water treatment system for your home is a big decision. Properly designed and maintained, your equipment should last you for years and should address the problems you want fixed.

So if you’re looking for the best water treatment company in Fredericton NB or any other area, carefully consider these 6 points before making your decision.