Is Bottled Water the Best Option?

The office water cooler has become a staple appliance in the office environment. You will hardly watch an office TV sitcom without seeing it in the background. The familiar blue plastic jugs neatly placed beside the cooler in a neat row with their shiny stickers facing outwards. Pictures of mountains with water running down the side of them assure you that the water inside is fresh, clean and pure. So you drink without giving it any thought, happy that you are not drinking that disgusting water from the tap.

But is this the best option? Are there better options? Let’s consider a few facts about bottled water and bottled water coolers.

1.       Bottled Water Source: In most cases, bottled water is simply filtered city water or well water. It usually isn’t being collected from a stream at the bottom of a mountain! Surprised? Don’t be. There are only so many ways to collect water and most plants are nowheres near a mountain.

2.       Filtration Used: The filtration techniques used to filter the water before its bottled are usually the very same types of filtration you can buy for your home or office: Carbon block, Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultraviolet (UV) Sterilization. Why pay someone else to filter your water and deliver it?

3.       The Coolers: Greater than 95% of coolers used are reservoir style coolers. What does that mean? It means the water is cooled inside an open reservoir which is air vented. Whatever is in the air ends up inside the water cooler. YUK! Algae growth, dirt, dust, chemicals and other nasty contaminants will find their way inside the cooler and here is where they stay until you pour a glass.

4.       Safety: Bottled water is becoming a concern from a safety perspective in the work place. For some, lifting a large jug (40 Lbs!) is simply dangerous. Injuries to backs have been reported and employers are becoming increasingly aware of the costs of workplace injuries.

5.       Cost: The cost of your water program doesn’t stop with the cost of the water itself. Count up the additional costs that are tagged onto the bill: Bottle Deposit Fees, Semi Annual Sanitation, Cooler Rentals and so on. What an expense!

These are just a few factors to consider before signing a contract for bottled water. But what are the other options? Look at Point of Use (POU) solutions like:

·         Bottleless Water Coolers (ie: The ION by Natural Choice)

·         Under Sink Filtration

·         Portable Filtration (ie: Lifesaver water bottle)

Bottled water does have its place. There are many locations where water is not suitable for drinking and filtration is too costly. Also, lack of available plumbing or high cost of installation make filtration a non-viable option. If bottled water is your only option, ensure your cooler placement is not near or susceptible to contamination and always maintain a good sanitation program.

To find out what drinking water options are suited well for your business or home, call National Water to discuss you needs.