Does Drinking Chlorinated Water Cause Cancer?


We live in an age where we are surrounded by chemicals. According to Chemical Industry Archives, there are over 7 million recognized chemicals in existence and over 80,000 are in common use worldwide. We eat them, breathe them and yes… we drink them.

One common chemical that is widely used in just about all municipalities in Canada and the US is Chlorine or Sodium Hypochlorite. This chemical serves a valuable purpose. It protects us from illnesses that are caused by bacteria and other microbes that are found in our drinking water. With cancer levels on the rise many Canadians and Americans are asking themselves, “Does drinking chlorinated water raise my risk of developing cancer?”

To answer this, please see the following quote from the Canadian Cancer Society:

“Chlorine is a strong chemical, but the chlorine itself is not the main cause for concern in drinking water. When chlorine interacts with organic matter (such as dead leaves and soil) in untreated water, it forms new chemicals that remain in the water. These are called chlorination by-products. It is chlorination by-products that can increase cancer risk.”

 How does one reduce the risk from these chlorination by-products in their drinking water? The solution is simple. Use an activated carbon filter to reduce these contaminants. The following options are available on the market:

  •  Point of Use Activated Carbon Filters (Refrigerator Filters, Under Counter, Pitcher         Filters, Filtered Water Bottles, Filtered Water Coolers) 

  • Point of Entry Activated Carbon Filters (Whole Home System)

  • Shower Head Filters (Prevents Breathing in Chlorine and Chlorine By-Products)

For filtration solutions to remove chlorine from your drinking water, please contact National Water at 888 983 2688 or by email at

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